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Formed out of members within an R42 Group project with an initiative to make artificial intelligence easier to explain to those interested in machine learning and programming through tutorials with the ability to allow others to contribute by creating their own instructional content to distribute. AI Examples provides a hub for all artificial intelligence-related content with no hidden costs.

What we teach:

Machine Learning & Neural Networks

Grasp the basics of machine learning and the type of algorithms used in neural networking used by machine learning in data modelling and recognizing patterns.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Study how Natural Language Processing deals with computers ability to translate text and spoken words into ways we can understand and use.

Computer Vision

Learn more about an aspect of artificial intelligence that applies visual information  and how it applies to our daily lives in image and video recognition and identification in order to identify and automate.

Reinforcement Learning

Understand how data is used to train a machine in order to eventually create an effective system that is efficient for the user and how it applies to our world today.

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